The Cassandra


photo credit: Hunter Ridenour

Directed by Perry Fenton
Based on Texts by Lesia Ukrainka/Aeschylus

Season 3, 2019


Utilizing the myth of Cassandra (a princess who, because she denied the god Apollos sexual advances, was cursed with the ability to always tell the truth, but no one would believe her,) The Cassandra Project incorporates dance, music, and immersive theater to tap into the cultural zeitgeist of fear, uncertainly, and possession over femme bodies and experiences. What does it mean to take up space? To show rage? To push against the lies that we were told from an early age?


Kimberly Cohan as Helen/Guard 2/Leader
Devon deGroot as Deiphobus/Guard 3
Gwen Hornig as Cassandra
Julia Livesey as Sinon/Clytemnestra
Regina Monique as Andromache/Guard 4
Kaitlyn Ortega as Helenus
Amanda Ramos as Polyxena
Jessica Reining as Leuke/Onomaus/Guard 1/Menelaus
Quinci Waller as Dolon/Paris/Agamemnon


Production Team

Perry Fenton
Stage Manager

Zo Hinsley
Set/Props Design
Evan Favela
Costume Coordinator
Regina Leon
Music Director
Casey Robbins