Precious Damsels

photo credit: Rebecca Hodges

Directed by Taylor Wuthrich
Music by Liam Blaney
Season 1, 2017

Two ladies are new to Paris and in pursuit of high culture. In the farcical behavior of these decadent damsels and their suitors, Troupe Theatre brings you Molière's riotous one-act send-up of pretension itself, a joyful look at the often ridiculous implications of cultural pursuits.


Trixie Aballa as Cèlimène/First Bearer
Rosemary Anderson as Marotte
Jamie Ballesta as Lucille/Second Bearer
Nate Budroe as Mascarille
Devon DeGroot as La Grange/Flute
Evan Favela as Jodelet
Pablo Hamlin as Almanzor
Steven McCloud as Du Croisy/Triangle
Regina Leon as Cathos
Alex Skinner as Gorgibus
Maya Smoot as Magdelon

Production Team

Light Design
Victoria Langlands & Nicole Maimon
Set/Props Design
Adeline Smith
Costume Design
Tabitha Sartain
Stage Manager
Heather Kelly-Laws
Musical Director/Harpsichord
Liam Blaney
Assistant Stage Manager
El Verschelden
Alice Pinon
Regina Leon
Fight Director
Ted Reuter
Hair/Makeup Consultant
Rosemary Anderson